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BORN Marathon Nutrition Pack 4

BORN Marathon Nutrition Pack 4

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During exercise and competition it is so important to fuel the correct way with the right products to keep hydrated and your energy levels up enabling your muscles to continue working as they should. Our marathon nutrition race packs ensure this happens helping you get to the finish line in the best shape possible. This nutrition pack includes: 

  • 1 Tube of 20 Watts & Minerals Lemon effervescent Tabs
  • Box of 3 Gummy Bars with Caffeine
  • 2 Super Liquid Gels (1 Apple & 1 Citrus Fruits)
  • 2 Energy Super Gel Banana flavour
  • 1 tube of No Friction Cream
  • BORN Shiva Biodegradable 600ml water bottle 
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