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BORN ISO PRO Apple & Lemon Can (400g)

BORN ISO PRO Apple & Lemon Can (400g)

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Carbohydrate-rich sports drink with added minerals for a better energy supply and fluid balance. ISO PRO has a tasty, fresh taste and provides more energy and sports pleasure due to the 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio. This ensures that you can maximize your carbohydrate intake up to 90 g/hour (or higher).

  • High-carbohydrate sports drink with added sodium
  • 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio
  • Refreshing apple/lemon flavor
  • Lactose and gluten free
  • Not too sweet and not sticky
  • 400g = 5 L


Dissolve 4 measuring spoons (40 grams) in 500 ml water (1 bottle). Before exercise, bring your fluid balance up to standard by drinking 500 ml. Drink regularly during exercise, about 250 ml every 20 minutes.


The 2:1 glucose/fructose ratio ensures an increased carbohydrate absorption of up to 90 grams per hour (normally 60 grams).


Maltodextrin, fructose, natural flavourings, food acids (citric acid, monosodium citrate), salt, colorant (carotenes), vitamin B12. Product may contain traces of milk and soy.

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